About the Artist

Pickles and Clyde – A product of Luneo Hope Design

Luneo Hope is a nom du guerre. My name is Helena Wiehahn and I am an artist, web developer, and hobbyist photographer who lives in the Cape Winelands. I like to spend my time acquiring new skills and helping others.

Luneo Hope aims to provide inspirational art and work to create hope where there is darkness. I suffer from depression and strive to be as active in my local community as possible to help others who might be going through a difficult time. My aim is to inspire and motivate those that need it the most; be it through art, text or photography.

Pickles and Clyde started as an attempt to capture the adventures of my stuffed toy collection as I imagined them. I would draw out their day to day on a sketch pad and then muse as to what they would do if they were actual creatures. This is an attempt to use my skill as an illustrator after hours.

CCIBA Children’s Book Illustration, Children’s Book Illustration

Stellenbosch University (2009)

In 2009 I participated in the Stellenbosch University Centre for Comic, Illustrative and Book arts Children’s Book  Illustration course. In my spare time I also love to design patterns for material and do fine arts (ink as medium). I have an art background and basic art history and would like to keep my love for artistic expression alive

I hope you enjoy my attempts as much as I enjoy creating them! Have fun in the wonderful world of Pickles and Clyde.